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Need Help Getting Organized at Home? An eBook to the Rescue

One of my most frequented sites is Life as MOM by Jessica Getskow Fisher aka FishMama. I haunt the site for easy recipes, practical household hints and basically, to enjoy the general feel-good atmosphere. So, when I got the chance to review Jessica’s new and totally awesome (read on to know why) eBook Organizing Life as MOM, I was super-excited. As a busy mom to 6 kids, she does know quite a bit about creating a home that is warm, welcoming and yet organized.

 The timing for the ebook couldn’t be more perfect. I was getting ready to get the home and family all organized for the upcoming holidays and so, needed all the help I could possibly get. Here is how Jessica helped me do that and so much more.

 Create Your Own Home Management Notebook

 I already have and use my home management binder stocked with to-do-lists, menu plans and other important information. However, Jessica’s made the task easier with her printable calendars and schedules (7 different types!), contact lists, budget planning worksheets and menu planners. In fact, her menu planning sheets even have a column for the recipe book in which you have the recipe for the dish planned that day. How cool is that?!

  Make Holiday Organizing and Planning Easy

The eBook, Organizing Life as MOM has a wonderful section on making the holidays less stressful and more peaceful. She has everything laid out for you and her printables will help you to plan everything and I really mean, everything down to the last detail. You have Holiday Wardrobe Planning Sheet, a Holiday Budget Sheet and the Holiday Dinner Plan. My favorite was the Holiday Planning To-Do List that has sections for everything holiday-related – buying Christmas cards, the decorations, even an inventory of paper goods and wrapping materials and all the little things that need to be done during this busy, busy time.

Make Life at Home Peaceful and Productive

 Like Jessica, I used to make my daily, monthly and weekly to-do lists and menu plans by hand but this month, I just printed the sheets I needed and was ready to go. I’ve printed the pages on both the sides so am saving some amount of paper. I had my monthly home management worksheets ready in less than half the time. If you need any help getting your home organized and in order, you can safely put your trust in Jessica and her latest eBook. She’ll help you to have a clean, organized and comfy home in next to no time.

 Disclosure: I received a copy of the eBook for review and am an affiliate simply because I truly believe in its awesomeness.


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