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Cool Clothes for Toddlers: Tommy Hilfiger Lands in India

Photo By: Mayank Malik

If you’re a mom in Delhi or Gurgaon, this one’s for you!  Tommy Hilfiger, a leading designer house, has set up store in India, right here in Delhi. I know! So, cool. While my simple thinking, frugal living inclinations screamed, “NO”, I couldn’t help drooling over the oh-so-cute yet practical collection of clothes.  I was invited to the Launch Party a month or so ago and got a first-hand look at the collection. It is made up of totally wearable jeans, skirts, sweaters, sweatshirts and jackets as well as the regular tees and shirts. I later received a lovely outfit – blue jeans and pink sweatshirt for my daughter to wear and review. 

Why I Liked What Tommy Has 

Although the price range is high for my simplistic mindset, there are several reasons why I liked what I saw and what I received as a sample for my daughter to wear. Excellent stitching will ensure that the jeans don’t fray or rip easily. A comfortable fit. This was crucial since my little girl is quite a bundle and usually I end up buying boys’ jeans since the girls’ ones are too skinny for her! ***laughing*** But I didn’t have that problem with Tommy. The jeans fit below the belly which makes them super-comfy. Also, the jeans come with snap-buttons which makes putting them on and removing them a breeze. Plus, the colored lining inside them keeps your little ones legs warm in the cold Delhi winter while also looking quite stylish. 

I also got a sweatshirt-style jacket along with the pair of jeans and it was just as great as the latter. Thick, soft, material with cute, little pockets to keep little hands warm make it ideal winter wear. I also liked the fact that the jacket comes with a hood since you so need it when you’re out braving the winter winds and if your toddler like mine refuses to wear a separate cap, you’ll be grateful for the hood. Another plus was the quality of zippers used in both the jeans and the jacket. They’re really great, glide easily and don’t have that flimsy look that zippers on quite a few kiddie clothes have. 

Another plus, the store staff are friendly without being too intrusive. They’ll offer suggestions and help and don’t leave you standing around wondering where to begin. I enjoyed my trip to the Tommy store and while I don’t do too many designer outfits for my daughter or myself for that matter, I do know that when I have to, I’ll be definitely considering the Hilfiger kids collection. 

What You Need To Know

 If you’re looking for designer duds for your little darlings this festive season, head out to the Tommy Hilfiger store in South Extension – 1. You can also connect with them online and stay informed about promotions, upcoming events and other details on Twitter and Facebook.

 Disclaimer: The Mom Writes received a free outfit from Tommy Hilfiger for the purpose of a fair and honest review. No other compensation was received.


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  1. My girls each have a few things from Tommy. Love it! Enjoy the new local store.

  2. Thank for reviewing the Tommy Hilfiger Childrenswear collection! We’re very glad you liked the clothes.

    And your li’l angel’s looking so cute in that Pink Beatrice Hoody! :)

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