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Residual Income Writing: How to Reduce Writing Time by 50%

reduce writing time

{UPDATE} I, no longer, write for any residual or revenue sharing site. However, these tips are helpful enough to reduce writing time for any type of website. 

Recently, I’ve been working hard to ensure that the time I spend online is both productive and profitable. In contrast, earlier I would spend a lot of time reading, blog hopping, tweeting, Facebooking (is that a word) and what not. Only a small percentage of my time was spent actually writing. However, this does not mean that I’ve stopped networking, reading blogs and books online or tweeting. In fact, I do all of this while increasing my writing portfolio online as well.

Here’s how to cut down on the time spent writing online easily and effectively without compromising on quality. Do keep in mind that these tips are mainly for residual income websites and not upfront ones or private clients. I’ll cover that in a separate post, later.

 Create Article Templates

Article templates are the easiest way to reduce your writing time. Most online writing websites, including your own blog, have a certain format in which they like articles. So, create a template for every website that has a format and just use it each time you need to write an article for them. even if a website does not have a set format, you know the type of articles that you’d write for them and so you can use that knowledge to create a template. For instance, an article template may look something like this

Title (65 characters)




Subhead 1

Subhead 2

Subhead 3

Subhead 4



Another template that I sometimes use looks like this:



Subhead 1

Subhead 2

Subhead 3


Similarly, I’ve created templates for all the sites that I write for. All I do is add the relevant text in and am ready to go.

 Bundle Research for Articles

This is a trick I learnt from Angela England, founder of Untrained Housewife and I’ve used it with great success to cut down on my writing time. By doing a bundled research for a subject, I write articles for all the 4-5 revenue-sharing sites without having to do fresh research each time. An added advantage is that I can usually interlink my articles and create valuable backlinks.

Create a Photo Directory

Early on when I started writing, I used to spend a lot of time digging up photos for my articles, especially on Suite. Then, I created a directory. Nothing fancy, just a folder with all the photos I’ve downloaded with a Word document that lists the caption or title, name of photographer and the URL to the photo. Now, each time I upload an article, I open the folder, choose a photo, upload it, add the credit details from the Word file and voila, am done. I do keep adding new photos and I always check the URL to ensure it leads to the right picture.

Considering the limited time I can give to residual income writing,  I needed to do this in order to make sure that I was meeting deadlines, contributing quality content and make revenue sharing actually pay. These simple tricks have helped me to reduce writing time without cutting back on quality.


Your turn! How do you reduce writing time? I’d love to learn more tricks and tips, so do share!

Photo Credit: Search Engine People Blog


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  1. Deborah Aldridge says:

    I actually name my photos with the name of the owner and website on them, something like, marigolds in basket_susiesmith_morguefile.jpg. That way I can put them into folders by type, like Flowers, or People and easily find them without having to look to see where they came from.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Deborah, thanks for sharing! That is a great idea and it will really simplify searching for the right pictures as well. Thanks again.

  2. These are excellent ideas. I use two of the three that you mention. I started a photo folder when I first started writing for eHow because I knew I might need to re-use photos later on with other articles. I also try to get 2-3 articles out of any research I do. It does save time. :)

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Glad you liked the post, Deanna! I know, using the same research is such a life-saver, especially when you have limited time online:-)

  3. wow! that’s a fantastic technique. I particularly liked the “bundled research” bit. I read something similar about writing 4-5 articles in different genres and templates, all from one time research on a topic. However, i love the way you term the whole process. yea, and not to forget the backlink secret :)

    Thanks a ton for sharing your insights into productive writing techniques.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thanks for visiting Tina and glad you liked the ideas.. Do let us know if you use any of them and if they work for you.

  4. What great tips! I just started writing online content and have been despairing at the copious time it takes. Stumbling unto your blog via LYW is so timely! Thanks for your generous sharing ;D

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Santhi! Welcome to The Mom Writes. Am so glad you liked the tips.Yep, writing online can take a lot of time. Shortcuts like these help you cut down time without reducing quality. Do use them and let us know how they helped you. Happy writing!

  5. Hi Prerna,

    This is so ironic! I’m researching to find out if you should write a post on “guest bloggers” for Quips & Tips for Successful Writers, and I found this article!

    Way cool :-)

    Will email you shortly…..


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