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Green Laundry: 5 Simple Reasons to Line Dry your Clothes

 I’ve recently shared how I’ve been making an effort to do “green” laundry and line drying or air drying our clothes in an important part of that. However, I’ve not had to make any special effort to start using a clothes rack or a clothesline to for drying our clothes. In fact, here in India, line drying is pretty much the norm (even though clothes dryers are available) and on any given day, you can see clothes hanging out to dry in every apartment’s balcony. The reasons to line dry or air dry clothes are many. Here are mine:

 1. Naturally Fresh- Smelling, Clean Clothes

Drying clothes out on a line or rack is a great way to give them that crisp, fresh smell that only bright sunlight can provide. I’ve never had to use a store-bought freshener to make clothes smell nice and clean. Also, sunlight is a great natural bleach and disinfectant. I use cloth dusters for my kitchen and I’ve never had to bleach them to get stains out. The sunlight takes care of it. This can be a negative for dark-colored clothes though. So, you just put those away from the direct rays of the sun. They’ll retain their color while drying naturally.

2. Saves Money

 Firstly, you save money because you don’t buy a clothes dryer. Next you save money on electricity or power bills, dryer sheets and everything else that goes with it. Also, like I mentioned, you don’t really need a separate laundry freshener or stain remover. You save on those as well. So, yeah, line drying is a great way to save money for the household budget.

3. Green and Eco-friendly

What can be greener than using natural sunlight and fresh air to dry laundry? Line drying saves on energy, protects the environment and as far as I know, is one of the easiest and most effective ways to go green.

4. Protects Clothes

Since line drying is gentle on clothes than the toss and tumble action of a dryer, your clothes last longer. Yet, another way in which you save money.

5. Quiet Time, Fun Exercise or Toddler Chore.

I’ve been trying to introduce my toddler to the idea of helping around the house and handing me the laundry to hang up is one of her favorites. She runs from the bucket to the clothes rack handing me the wet clothes, feeling very important. ***laughing*** Plus, its great exercise for me too. In addition, when I’m hanging out the clothes all by myself, I enjoy the quiet and peace and the view from our apartment balcony. There is something strangely meditative about the whole process.

 Line drying is eco-friendly, easy and economical. All you need is a few extra minutes, a clothesline or rack and you’re set. In fact, Project Laundry List is a great resource for you to get started if you need more information on line drying your clothes. 

Your turn! How do you green your laundry? Have you tried line drying or air drying your clothes? Does it work for you? Do share!

Photo Credit: Paul Williams


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  1. If you don’t mind me asking, what brought you to India?

  2. The Mom Writes says:

    Hi Wendy, I was born in India and have always lived here:-)

  3. Oh, I had no idea! That is great! I love that I have a favorite blogger from India. Very cool :) It is wonderful how the blogging world forms community from all over the world.

  4. Here is my article on line-drying laundry. I do it mostly indoors because I live in Pennsylvania and typically do laundry at night, but for stained white things or persistently musty-smelling things some time in the sun is so wonderful!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Becca, thank you for sharing your line-drying experiences. Yup, sunlight is great for getting smells and stains out!

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