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When Mommy has a Meltdown: Dealing with Mom Stress from Around the Blogosphere

The last few weeks have been really tough and challenging. I shared how I’ve been finding moments of peace and quiet while dealing with an unwell spouse and child. However, sometimes, just moments of peace are not enough. Feelings of helplessness and exhaustion overwhelm me and make me want to run away. However, I’ve always found strength, encouragement and hope at the right time. Words of wisdom from moms and bloggers who’ve had more than their fair share of meltdown-like situations and who’ve learnt how to deal with being tired, exhausted and unwell.

 Reading these heart-warming, soul-touching, feel-good posts are the ones that I turn to each time I need to feel good and blessed about being a mom. Some old posts, some new ones but all good stuff.

 Jamie at Steady Mom (one of my favorite places to be) shares tips for busy, tired moms  in Help for Busy, Tired Moms (aren’t we all there sometime or the other?)

 Tsh at Simple Mom ( yet another all-time fave) shares simple yet effective ways to care for the soul and live a peaceful, centered life as a mom in Practicing Soul Care.

 Vina Barham from Nourishing Home discusses how to not let homemaking interfere with mothering. Something I really needed to focus on. Read her column addressing this important part of being a mom at Passionate Homemaking.

 Organized Mama shares her own 5pm stress hour and that is something that everyone can relate to.

Sherri at Zen Family Habits ( a warm place to be at) talks the importance of giving ourselves a break and realizing that we’re not alone in Give Yourself a Break

 And finally, Se7en shares things to keep sick kids busy when you’re sick too. With the current scene at my home, I found a lot of inspiration and some great ideas in 7 Things to Do with a Bunch of Sick Kids When You’re Sick Too.

 Being a mom is tough but it is also a great blessing. It may seem challenging to juggle home, parenting, marriage and work but it is liberating to realize that you don’t have to do all the things all of the time.

Your turn! What posts or bloggers have truly helped you deal with feeling overwhelmed, feeling exhausted or simply inspired you to feel blessed to be a mom? Do share links in the comments, even if they’re to your own posts!

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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I love the power of words. Can’t wait to check some of them out. Have a good day! :)

  2. The Mom Writes says:

    You’re welcome, Wendy! These are posts that have brightened up my day more than once:-)

  3. Loved your post. I have a meltdown at least four times a week, and what is worse than a melt down is how I feel about myself afterwards, Very defeating…very helpful post.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Marina, welcome to The Mom Writes! Glad you found the post helpful. These bloggers have seen it all and done it all and so, I find these resources a real blessing. Hope you will too. Warmly, Prerna

  4. Hi Prerna! I don’t quite remember at the moment any specific post on the subject to share here. On the other hand, your post was very helpful and informative. It’s great to hear that other moms also get overwhelmed.

    That’s a pretty good list. I didn’t know most of the blogs you listed. It was fun to get to know visit new places.

    Thanks for always sharing your wisdom. Loving blessings!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Andrea, that’s alright. Am just glad you liked the list of helpful blog posts! They’re all lovely, real Moms balancing different things in life!

  5. Hi Prerna,

    Glad to see you on my blog. Well your current post has nothing to do with me..(as I am not a Mom) but i enjoyed your words and I had also gone through most of these links you shared and I do think they all are awesome writers and some are my inspiration too.

    Thanks for nice sharing.


  6. I find Naomis posts to be uplifting. She is a mum of 7 and her blog is called sevencherubs

    I would be curious how YOU deal with mommy meltdowns – not only what you then like to read. Maybe you can write about it.

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