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How to Have an Organized Mommy Handbag (Moms’ 30- Minute Blog Challenge)

An important part of being a mom, at least for me, is to be prepared. For anything, anywhere, anytime. However, I also know that it isn’t possible for me to carry everything, all the time. Also, I stopped using a diaper bag long, long ago since it was too cumbersome for me to lug a handbag and a diaper bag everywhere. I already have a waiting room kit stashed in the car for longer rides and wait times, so I could really do with less baggage.

So,  I invested in a couple of large yet smart, multi-pocketed handbags in black and maroon ( the two colors I wear the most) and organized them to hold everything that my toddler and I could need when out and about.

Here are the contents of my “mommy” purse, stuff that sees us through hunger pangs, tantrum times and more.

1.  Mom Stuff. This is the stuff that I need and use when am out. It includes:

  • My wallet with cash and cards.
  • My cell phone.
  • Sunglasses and spectacles.
  • A small pouch with my lipstick, kohl pencil, a travel-size tube of hand lotion and a lip balm.
  • A pen and small notebook (read Mandi’s excellent post on always having one handy).
  • A small bottle of my favorite perfume (also great for covering up any weird smells)
  • A small bottle of water. (I’ve stopped buying bottled water when we’re out to save money on our food budget)
  • Comb (to brush out our hair after long rides or simply to look neater than we do!)

2. Toddler Stuff. These items see us through waiting rooms, car rides, trips to the mall and more.

  • A small container with a few snacks. We share the bottle of water.
  • A coloring pad with a couple of crayons.
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • A change of undergarments folded and secured neatly with a scrunchie!
  • Cloth handkerchiefs (old fashioned but eco-friendly and great for runny noses and teething troubles)
  • Baby wipes (to clean handrails, toilet seats and trolley handles at the supermarket)
  • Hair clips (she has extremely curly hair that needs to be tamed with a clip or two)

That’s it. I know, it seems a lot. But since my handbag has two large outer pockets and one large middle section with 2 smallish compartments for cell phone and other small stuff, it is very easy to organize things.

  • One outer pocket holds toddler stuff for quick and easy access.
  • The middle section holds items that need to be in a safe, zippered place- cell phone, wallet, sunglasses and spectacles, any important papers or documents.
  • The second outer pocket holds the remaining mom stuff – pen, notebook, makeup pouch, water bottle and comb.

No separate bags, no forgetting things, no hunting for a pen or snack when you need it the most.

This post is part of the Moms’ 30-Minute Blog Challenge hosted by Jamie of Steady Mom, every Tuesday. A complete post in 30 minutes, from start to finish. Check it out!


Your turn! Do you carry a separate bag for your toddler? Or do you get your handbag or purse to multi-task for you? Do share!!

Photo Credit: Mrs. Flinger


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  1. I’d love to know what brand bags you use. I’ve never used a diaper bag but my biggest issue is finding bags I can wash as it seems some food, goop or drink is always getting smashed or dripped into my bag and I must wash it.

    here’s my 30 min post –

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Nina! I can totally understand that. I’ve had biscuits crumbled and juice spilled from a leaky cup:-) I use a local, (Indian) brand called Paprika and they make really cool, washable bags. Let me see if I can find something similar for you in the US. Thanks for sharing your post. Hope you linked it up at Steady Mom, too.
      Warmly, Prerna

  2. The Mom Writes says:

    Hi Andrea,
    Yup. One bag makes it so much easier! And thanks! The 30-minute post idea is Jamie’s and it really helps to make posting quicker and easier:-)
    Warmly, Prerna

  3. I can totally relate to the lady on the picture carrying a bizillion things. It would have been great to use just one big bag for handbag and baby bag when my kids were little. I see a lot of people doing this nowadays but 22 years ago this was not a trend. It’s wonderful to see how now there are so many pretty nice mom/baby combo bags available.

    I’m impressed you wrote this post in 30 min and how organized you are. Great job!

  4. This is very true! Being a mom comes with an additional baggage- the mommy bag! Not that I organise my bag as well as u do, but a book a few pens and the ever so reliable android run tab does the trick for us

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Poonam, thank you for sharing.. I agree.. Even though my daughter is now 4, I still have a mommy bag filled with everything I could possibly need for an emergency.. Guess, it’s time for me to update this post and share what goes in that:-)

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