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Book Review: How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child by Jenifer Wana

 Preschool is a big step for your tiny toddler and it is important to choose a preschool that is best for your child’s personality, learning style and is in keeping with your family’s beliefs and values. I remember doing a lot of research myself when looking for a preschool for our toddler. I truly wish I had Jenifer’s book, How to Choose the Best Preschool for Your Child, at that time to guide me through the process. 

About the Book

 How to Choose the Best Preschool is born out of Jenifer’s own experiences in looking for the best possible preschool for her son. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the book is comprehensive, detailed and immensely helpful. Well-organized and easy-to-understand, the book has 15 chapters, starting with topics such as What is a Preschool to What to Lookout for in a Preschool to Types of Preschool Programs to The Preschool Admission Process and even, Supporting Your Child Throughout Preschool.

 Jenifer covers every single aspect of the preschool research and admission process in detail. She helps you with understanding the difference between a Montessori and Waldorf program, with filling out the forms properly and even, gives you ideas for preschool lunchboxes. How cool is that!

 While the language and layout is clear and easy to follow, what makes the book really parent-friendly are the Real Parents Talk boxes that offer practical tips from real parents about the whole preschool process.

 What I Liked About the Book

 While I read the book, I realized that the advice is so practical and appropriate that I can easily use it for nursery school admission for my toddler here in India. That said, the book is primarily for the U.S audience. What I really liked about the book is that it is really comprehensive. It covers everything that a parent might need when preparing for preschool as well as for helping a toddler enjoy preschool. Simple, sensible and sequential, the book is your one-stop shop for preschool time. It isn’t sketchy or focusing on just one aspect of choosing a preschool. In other words, it is real value for money.

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Disclaimer: The Mom Writes received a copy of the book for purposes of review. No other compensation was received.


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