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7 Effective and Easy Ways to Live Healthier

healthy living for wahm

One of my goals this year was to lose all the post-baby weight and fit into my old clothes. In other words, weight loss. However, I realized that just losing weight wasn’t going to do it for me. What I needed was to live healthy, eat healthy and basically, develop a lifestyle that promoted good health.

Here are a few things I learnt as I read books and blogs on healthy living.

  • A healthy life doesn’t mean a life deprived of good, tasty food.
  • Healthy living is a complete package – high energy, better immunity and radiant looks!
  • Eating healthy does not restrict your options. It increases them.
  • Living healthy is certainly not boring or difficult. If anything, it is exciting to discover new foods, learn fun ways of exercising and experience positive changes in the way you look and feel.

Here are my 7 simple, easy yet effective ways of living healthy everyday.

1. Get Active to Get Healthy.

Being active does not mean hitting the gym everyday. Although, that would be nice. However, if like me, you don’t have the time or the facility to leave baby with a sitter, you can catch some exercise with your kiddo or just while doing everyday chores. Here are 7 great ways to get exercise in everyday.

2. Drink More Water to Stay Hydrated and Healthy

Am not a big soda drinker, but I drink cups and cups of tea. Although my husband has been on my case for water-drinking for quite some time it was only very recently, that I read Rachel at Small Notebook’s wonderful post about how she gave up drinking soda for water and what a wonderful difference it’s made to her. So, I’ve committed myself to drinking more water than I am currently drinking and in the last few days, I’ve seen my complexion clearing up and also, noticed that am not getting so exhausted by the afternoon.

3. Eat 2 Fruits Everyday

This is  really easy. Fruits are my favorite snack and munching on a crunchy apple is just perfect for taking a break while eating healthy. Plus, fruits are low in calories, high in vitamins and minerals and will give you the much-needed energy boost that your body craves during a really busy day. Quick tip: Leave the fruit washed and arranged neatly in a bowl on the dining table. You’ll reach for it more often.

4. Eat Mindfully

Mindful eating is again something that I have been practicing for sometime and I’ve noticed that it’s made a big difference to what I eat and how I feel about what I’m eating. Here is how mindful eating has made a difference to my weight loss journey.

5. Meditate or Do Yoga

I am a big yoga fan. I started practicing yoga 4 years ago and I can vouch for the fact that it made a huge difference in my body’s flexibility, my stamina and also, helped me recover from a C-section, easily and with plenty of energy. In fact, I have been trying to convince my husband to start practicing it to ease his pain from TMJ disorder. Let me see how that goes. But yoga is great way to stay healthy easily. Meditating too is a great way of connecting with the inner self and experiencing a deep sense of calmness. I’ve found that this really helps me feel centered and in control through the day, no matter how challenging it may be.

6. Connect with People

Offline, I mean. Lately, I realized that I know more about my online friends (who are great, by the way!) than my offline friends in the world around me. So, I began to make a conscious effort to meet, call and basically, connect with my friends. It helped immensely. My mood would be better, I would feel happy and there would be this deep-seated contentment that would carry through the day or evening.

7.  Develop a Healthy Hobby

A hobby doesn’t necessarily have to be arty or crafty. Reading, for instance, is my favorite hobby followed by baking. Taking out even fifteen minutes to read something good is a great way to keep the grey cells sharp, learn something new and absorb some of the goodness that the world has to offer. I enjoy reading books on a variety of topics, such as simple living, positive thinking, baking green living or parenting. I also read a lot of fiction and enjoy being transported to different lands and meeting new people. Basically, find a hobby that you really enjoy and that leaves you feeling enriched and energized!

These seven simple steps are designed to make life healthier and happier. You’ll sleep well, laugh more, be less irritable or exhausted and be more peaceful. Having said that, I’m not an expert on healthy living and am just applying these in my life on a day-to-day basis. What I do know is that these small steps make a big difference in the way I look and feel. Try them out and let me know how it goes!

 What is your stay healthy secret? What helps you to look good and feel good all the time, easily and effectively? Do share!

Photo Credit: D.Sharon Pruitt


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  1. Beautiful picture and good tips! I agree with you that there is something very special about face to face that you do not get online, even with fab online friends!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Thank you, Wendy. Yup, meeting for a cuppa coffee at home or outside is a great destressor and energizer for me.

  2. Hi Prerna :) Just checking in to see how you’re doing with the cleansing and getting healthy plan! Good to hold each other accountable, right?! I’ve recently done a complete detox: system by system (colon, kidney and bladder, blood, etc) so let me know if you have any questions; I’d be glad to help. Don’t be surprised when you start if you begin “detoxing” a lot of unhealthy pent up emotions too..I think it comes with the territory. Buyer beware! Hope you’re doing well. Thanks again for your kind words.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Leah! So glad to hear from you and learn about your complete detox. Will be emailing you:-) Am working on getting healthy, naturally. Been slow but getting there! Thanks for dropping by!

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