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3 Secrets to a Peaceful Daily Routine: Simple Steps to Save Your Sanity


Having a flexible yet somewhat structured routine helps to keep our home running smoothly and contributes greatly to our inner peace. A peaceful daily routine is nothing fancy, just a system of sorts that keeps everything in place and gives us a joyous sense of balance and composure.

Here are three simple secrets to establishing a calming and peaceful daily routine for your family.

1. Plan

Planning is key to any routine, more so to one that helps to calm down a household. Spending ten to fifteen minutes every evening to plan out the next day ensures that lunchboxes have healthy meals, homework is finished, urgent errands are completed. I write down the next day’s agenda or to-do every evening and go to sleep with a free mind.

However, just because you’ve planned it, doesn’t mean that it would always go that way. People may drop in unannounced for dinner, a toddler may be especially clingy and the car may break down. The beauty of a peaceful daily routine is that even though the structure may change, the flow doesn’t break. Unexpected guests simply means adding another side dish to an already planned dinner. A clingy toddler means postponing a few to-dos and spending quiet time snuggled up on the couch, reading or talking. A car breakdown can be a good excuse to get some exercise. So, things just flow naturally and that contributes greatly to making you feel in control and calm.

2. Understand

Understanding how your family works is something you do the best so apply that when creating a daily routine. Have a toddler who likes to brush her own teeth and spend ten minutes on that? Factor that in. A husband who presses the snooze button each time the alarm goes off? Keep that in mind. Understanding is important not only for healthy family relationships but also for creating a routine that is easy on you and the others.

3. Relax

The whole idea of a peaceful daily routine is to give you a sense of well, peace. So, don’t fill the to-do list with a whole lot of activities. If, like me, you enjoy the busyness of doing, learn to focus on one task mindfully instead of mindless multi-tasking. This is something that I’ve learnt, applied and tested. When you, as a wife, mom and woman, are relaxed, the whole family tends to be that way. Mindfulness is a simple way to make regular activities calming and centering.

An easy-flow, easy-go routine is one that will help you and your loved ones to feel relaxed, happy and calm. Create a routine that works best for your needs and family but let it be one that is free of a rush of activities and filled with serenity and saneness.

So, what are your secrets to creating a fun, peaceful and calming routine for your family? Do share!

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  1. Prerna, it is amazing how creating a routine that “works best for your needs and your family” should be organic, but instead, we often create routines that work for the rest of the world, for others needs. You’ve got it right. Great ideas towards living more peacefully and naturally. I do love that word, “peace”.

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Katie,
      Thank you. Am glad you liked the post and yes, a peaceful routine really works well for me and my family. Else, everyone ends up crabby and cranky:-)

  2. This is a great post! So sorry it has taken me forever and a day to come check out your blog since my post at KOTH. I appreciate your desire to help others find a more relaxed day..and as much as I always hated to admit it..structure (based on understanding, as you’ve said) is the key in making it happen! From one mom writer to another- Thanks for your encouraging words!

    • The Mom Writes says:

      Hi Leah. No problems and thank you for your kind words. A peaceful routine for mom, in my household, translates into a peaceful routine for everyone:-) Hence, the need for a flexible structure of some sort.

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