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The Importance of Girl Time and Girl Talk

Why Connecting with Girlfriends is Good for Health and Happiness

I love my girlfriends. Really. It is just that I have been guilty on more than one occasion of not connecting or keeping in touch. Nothing deliberate and no particular reason(usually) to “disconnect”. However, each time I drift away from my girls, I realize what I’m missing and tend to come scrambling back. It could be discussing what my toddler just did or a new book or a shopping tip or just regular stuff. But it makes me realize that I’ve gotten caught up in the busyness of life and forgotten to catch up with my girly feel-good group.

So, here are my reasons on why girl talk and girl time are important and how to not “disconnect”.

1. Girls Listen. That’s true. Even if women are considered to be the more talkative than men, I’ve found that women tend to listen more as well. Sometimes, all one needs is to be listened to. No suggestions, no advice, no “I-told-you-so” and that is when one needs a girlfriend or two.

2. Girls Relate. There are things that most women can relate to. And that is what bonds us. Things like, the joy of finding a great deal on clothes, kiddie stuff or the perfect cookie recipe, are things, which most women can relate to. For instance, some of my friends don’t have kids while others do. While I obviously find it easier to relate to friends with kids for the baby and toddler stuff, I also find it easy to relate to friends without kids for a myriad of things, such as, ongoing weight issues!

3. Girls Understand. They do. They understand when you forget to call for weeks because a toddler was unwell or because you were busy setting up your website. ***Smiling*** It is this understanding that underlines strong friendships. The ability to drift and yet connect, the need to sometimes have your own space and the understanding to not judge or question each time you drift away.

4. Girls Laugh and Cry. Giggling like college students over a cup of coffee and a silly joke or quiet tears in moments of loss, girlfriends can do it all.  Girlfriends will tell you like it is and laugh (or cry) about failed recipes, dating disasters, toddler tantrums, relationship woes or personal victories.

  How to Stay Connected with your Gal Pals

Here are seven simple ways to connect and stay in touch with girlfriends who brighten up your life, make things happier and easier and, allow you to be the best you can be.

1. Make a phone call. Simple and easy. Pick up that phone or cell phone and dial. All it take is five or ten  minutes and you don’t have to connect with everyone, everyday. Just make sure you call one or two friends to say ‘hi’, find out how they’re doing or make a plan for the weekend.

 2. Use the internet. Use social networking to socialize. Twitter, Facebook and other social networks are a great way to keep in touch while at work or at home. Just letting a friend know that you’re thinking of her or finding out how that interview went will let her know that you care. 

3. Meet for coffee. Or shopping. Or lunch. Meeting with a friend or a group of friends is the perfect way to spend a lazy Saturday. Have your husband or a sitter watch the kids and refresh your heart, mind and soul with the chitter-chatter of girl talk.

4. Play dates with moms with kids. This is a traditional, time-tested yet immensely fun way to catch up with mom friends. Let the kids have fun playing together while the mommies can have some gal time together.

 5. Have a monthly pot-luck lunch or dinner. Yet another great way to connect and spend time with a group of girlfriends. Pot-lucks take away the strain of menu planning and cooking and yet giving you the pleasure of good company at the table.

6. Schedule friend time in your to-do list. If you’re like me, your To-Do List is an important part of your home management routine. So, pencil in some friend time every day or every week, as the case may be. I pencil in making phone calls, emailing or meetings with friends and find that it really helps to keep me from doing my customary drifting away act.

 7. Run errands together. We all have to run errands. It is part of the mommy-wife job description. So why not, make it fun and run those errands together. Grocery shopping or any other errand becomes less of a chore and more of fun when done with a friend.

 Girlfriends can add a lot of fun, laughter and sharing to one’s life. It doesn’t matter if you have one or ten, the idea is to cherish the ones who share our dreams, love us back and help us to lead our best life ever, through all the ups and downs that make life what it is.

 What do you do to make time for your girlfriends? A weekly meeting, a daily phone call or simply, a cup of coffee when you have the time? Do share!

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