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5 Simple Ways to Enjoy the Summer Season

Making the Most of Sunny Days

 While I really am not a ‘Summer’ person, I do realize that there are benefits to the season. Yes, the temperatures may be soaring and the heat may kill you, but there are still some fun ways to make the most of the summer season.

 Here are five of my favorite ways to enjoy summer and not sweat it!

  1.  Savor Summer Fruits. Summer fruits are so much more fun than the ones we get here in winters. Mangoes, especially, are a favorite and it is wonderful to be able to eat loads of them and relish their sugary sweetness and their glorious colors.  
  2. Enjoy One-on-One Time with Kids. Since kids are at home and off from school, the summers are for most families are time for vacation fun. However, even if you don’t go anywhere, it is a good idea to have some quality one-on-one time with all your kids. In my case, it is easy. I have only the one toddler and so one-on-one time is pretty much all the time. But for my friends who have more than one child, the summer holidays are the best time to bond with their kids, go out for cozy lunches, shop together, discuss books, movies and basically, have real fun.  
  3. Take a Break from Cleaning the House. Not only are the summers hot, the days can also be dusty and humid. Cleaning the house can be tiring but it also needs to be done, so if you can have a cleaning contractor or company come in and take over the job for you, it would be so much easier to do everything else. Imagine, you go out for a day to the beach and by the time you’re back, your home is spotless and all set to welcome you. If cost is a consideration, you may want to hire the cleaning company only for the summer holiday season so that you can spend your time doing the more important stuff as mentioned in this post! ***smiling***
  4.  Experiment with New Recipes and Décor Ideas. If the days are hot and unbearable, it is a good idea to surround yourself with an armful of recipes or interior decorating magazines. Spend days with your kids experimenting in the kitchen and coming up with yummy fare. If cooking is not your forte, redecorate a neglected part of the house. Give a room a quick makeover or simply add a fresh coat of paint to some furniture or accessories. The idea is to bring in an element of summery newness to either food or the home.  
  5.  Pamper Yourself  Silly. Use the hot summer days to indulge yourself. Book a session at the salon or day spa. If time is a constraint, as it is often in my case, simply give yourself a pampering session in installments. Get a manicure-pedicure done one week, followed by a facial the next and probably, a hair color job the third. That way, each week, you feel indulged and pampered and real good. Do read some more feel-good tips for busy moms.

 So, there you have it. My tips and tricks for feeling good about summers and everything it brings with it. Again, all this would be so much easier to do this if you didn’t have to bother about cleaning up. So, go hire that cleaning contractor now! ***laughing*** In the meanwhile, please do share what you and you family do to enjoy the summer season.

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    Regardless, I’ll look forward to following your blog here!
    Chris Jordan

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