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Simple Green Living Tips for Eco-friendly Shopping

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Green Living Tips  When Shopping for Groceries

Living a green and eco-friendly life can be fun and interesting especially, if one starts to make small but meaningful changes. Eco-friendly shopping is something that I’ve started doing recently and I truly, enjoy the different type of “high” it gives me. To be honest, I always feel good when I shop. ***smiling***

However, now that feel-good feeling lasts longer and is more profound simply because I know that by shopping in an eco-friendly manner, I’m making a small yet important contribution to helping the environment. So, here are some of my favorite “green shopping” tips.

Using Eco-friendly Shopping Bags

Eco-friendly shopping bags are just a fancy name for plain ole’ cloth bags or reusable bags that one can use in place of the supermarket’s standard plastic grocery bags. I bought quite a few from an NGO and have them stashed in the car and hung on a hook right next to the door. So, I simply grab one on my way to the market and can easily refuse plastic bags.

Carpooling or Walking for Shopping Trips

Carpooling is a simple yet great green living idea and why should it only be used for commuting to work or school. I team up with other moms and plan a trip to the supermarket with the kids. Not only is it more fun for us and the kids, we also end us saving quite a bit on fuel and energy costs.

Walking to the convenience store is yet another eco-friendly way to shop. Save money, get some free exercise and do your shopping as well. Win-win, all through!

Buying in Bulk to Save Money and the Environment

As someone who loves to save money whenever she can, I enjoy bulk buying. However, buying in bulk is not just a money-saving tactic, it is also an eco-friendly way to shop. How? Simply because bulk packages use lesser packaging material as compared to multiple smaller units plus you’ll buy them less often.

Buying Organic and Locally Grown Produce

Organic produce may not be a cheap or money-saving option but when you think of the benefits – less or no pesticides, healthful and totally safe for babies and toddlers – am sure you’ll agree that the extra cost is a valuable investment.

Locally grown produce on the other hand, is not just cheaper but also helps to save energy costs and fuel since it doesn’t have to be transported long distances. Although, I stay in a relatively concrete jungle, I’ve been able to find a weekly farmer’s market selling fresh fruits and vegetables that have been grown in adjoining areas and are sold fresh and at prices much lower than the supermarket.

These are some of my simple eco-friendly shopping tips and I hope to add some more as I learn how to save money while saving the planet. ***smiling*** So, what are your favorite ways to shop green and save money at the same time? Please do share!

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