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Travel with Kids on a Bootstrap Budget: 7 Places to Visit When in Singapore and 6 Ways to Save Money on Them

Travel with Kids on a Bootstrap Budget

Travel with kids and on a budget?

Too good to be true?

Actually not.

You see, travelling is one of our family’s fave things to do. It is how we unwind, reconnect, renew and refresh ourselves.

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Real Life Money Management: How We Pay Cash to Buy a New Car {and You Can Too!}

Want to Buy a Car Do it Without the Debt… Here’s How.

I still remember when we first bought a car.

It was in our first year of marriage. It was the car that we took when we took our first road trip as a married couple. It was the car that we zipped around in to work and for numerous shopping trips.

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My Top 10 Productivity-Boosting Business Apps for Work-at-Home Moms

The Top 10 Apps I Use to Boost Productivity and Build My Business

Work at home moms need {yes, really need!} their phones and tablets to act as business tools rather than entertainment centers.

While I’m all for staying disconnected when traveling or when hanging out with my daughter, the fact is that it is MUCH easier for me to quickly reply to an email or a message or make a note on my phone than powering up my trusty Macbook.

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5 Work from Home Mom Truths That No One Tells You About

Want to Work From Home Here are 5 Things No One Tells You About

Being a work from home mom, honestly, is one of my life’s greatest blessings. I wouldn’t have it any other way.

After 7 years of working from the comfort of my home, with my husband and daughter as my “co-workers”, I can tell you that it is literally, the best thing ever.

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