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On Living Life Through This Blog

blogging tip

“Blogging and writing shouldn’t be an end in itself. It should spur us on to keep on living, to get out there and live life. And from that life, our best writing flows.”- Tsh Oxenreider.

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Starting Your Own Business? Learn to See Both Sides of the Fence


This is a post by expert columnist Cassie Lee.

Do you have a home based business? What are your reasons for wanting to go down this challenging path? After all, it is easier to work for someone else and receive a regular salary every month.

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3 Tips to Finding Unexpected Work Hours in Your Busy Day

3 Tips Unexpected Work Hours

This is a  post by columnist Martine de Luna

I’ve been working at home for around four years now. I can say that I’ve found my rhythm, concerning the “work-life juggle” that we WAHMs are so familiar with. It’s not been easy, but through time I’ve been able to —

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Spring Fling: April Awesomeness Ahead… for Bloggers and Business Owners

Spring Fling

It’s Spring and I’m feeling wonderful! The flowers are blooming, the birds are singing… you get the picture, right?:)

SO, to celebrate the awesomeness that is Spring AND a HUGE milestone in our business..We completed 3 years on a REAL high!! I have all sorts of crazy awesomeness in store…

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